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Genshin Impact is a free-to-play, side scrolling action RPG distributed through the Google Play store. The game has elements of both hack and slash as well as role playing games. Players take control of an oni warrior named Genshin as they fight against waves of demons attempting to bring about the apocalypse that would lead to the resurrection of the evil god Kagatsuchi – a lord of darkness.

Genshin Impact is a side scrolling action RPG that can be played on any android device running Android 4.0 or higher. The game involves players controlling an oni warrior named Genshin as he fights against waves of demons attempting to bring about the apocalypse in order to resurrect the evil god Kagatsuchi. Players battle demons and collect characters by using melee attacks, ranged abilities and special skills that can be earned as they progress through the game.

The Basics of Genshin Impact

  • Play through the tutorial before fighting any demons! It will show you how to navigate your way around, attack and use special skills.
  • Genshin is not just an oni warrior but also a mage. His magic bar can be used for his fireball spells but it does regenerate over time so don’t hesitate to use it.
  • Use the melee attack when you get close enough and for larger enemies, use special skills such as “Tornado Slash” or “Thunder Blast.”
  • Collect experience points from fighting demons and spend them on new abilities. You can even unlock and upgrade individual skills that will help you in battle.

Controls and Features

The controls for Genshin Impact are easy enough. There is only one button as well as a virtual joystick on the left of the screen. The button can be used to attack and activate special skills while moving on the left side will move you forward, backward and side to side with ease. You can also activate your melee or ranged abilities from the button as well as use your magic bar.

Tips and Tricks

  • To make the most of your special skills, use them in a group to take out large amounts of demons at once. Bear in mind that they require a short period to recharge after use so save them for when you really need them.
  • At higher levels you will receive more keys from treasure boxes and be able to upgrade your character with even more powerful abilities.
  • There are 10 achievements in the game that reward you with experience points when unlocked.

Genshin Special Treasure Chests

There are special treasure chests that contain Genshin himself as well as other character pieces. The first chest can be won for free and comes with a 1/8 chance to get the rare and powerful Genshin warrior card. There is another one that will give you a random character piece and costs 100 gems however this method might prove costly depending on how many chests you need to open in order to get the characters you want. The best option is probably choosing one of the gambling boxes that cost 200 gems and come with a 1/2 chance to win Genshin and other powerful demon cards.


Genshin Impact is a fun and addictive game. The story line can be completed in just a few hours but you will want to continue playing because the levels are well designed, the characters are awesome and there is even an achievement list that rewards experience points as you progress through the game. You have to buy your way into it however which might pay off if you are lucky enough to win the rare Genshin warrior card. But if not, it isn’t that big of a deal since whatever path you choose will get your through the game in no time.

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